Saskatchewan Association

of Black Social Workers
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The Saskatchewan Association of Black Social Workers (hereinafter SABSW)

is a local independent body from the Saskatchewan Association of Social Worker , but the two have a collaborative working relationship. Florence K Mudzongo founded the SABSW on December 7, 2022. Akin to the concerns raised by Black Social workers in other Canadian provinces, the SABSW was created out of the concern of Black social workers and students in the province of Saskatchewan including practicing in isolation, working in hostile conditions, and enormous institutional barriers to professional advancement. Other concerns that led to the formation of SABSW are the current and future of social work profession and education curriculum and how it serves and affect the Black communities in Saskatchewan. At an informal meeting with Marvin Ankrah, Welley Lamadine, and Caluza Ndhlovu, co-founders of the association, Florence stressed the significance of creating an association of Black Social Workers and work together to address the above concerns and the teething socio-economic and cultural challenges facing the Black community and Black social workers and students in Saskatchewan. Through rigorous networking efforts across the province, the informal meeting has metamorphosed into an association of several Black social work professionals and students.

Quality Standards
Quality Standards SABSW



Inspired by George Floyd “I can’t breathe” we need air

- Advocate

- Inspire

- Reclaim

- Resist

Mission statement

Our mission is to provide a structure and forum through which Black social workers  of African and Caribbean descent can exchange ideas, offer services, and  advocate for the development programs in the interest of the Black communities in Saskatchewan.

We aim to empower and advocate for inclusive excellence of Black  social work students and professionals of African and Caribbean descent.

Vision statement

Vision Statement: We envision a society where Black people of African and Caribbean descent will live free of racial domination, economic exploitation & cultural oppression.