Child & youth committee

It provides education and support to the community. It is also involved in child welfare matters, including reviewing policy changes as well as advocating for culturally appropriate services for Black and Bi-racial children/youth and their families.

Health & Wellness Committee

Responsible for increasing awareness and factors contributing to physical and mental well-being for Black communities.  The committee will create mental health awareness campaigns and help rid the stigma associated with mental health issues in Black communities.  It will collaborate with the education committee to educate members of all experience levels on how to identify and assist with mental health issues in our profession and achieve a better work-life balance.

Social Committee

is responsible for the planning and coordination of social activities. The Committee hosts fundraising events throughout the year to assist with recognizing members who are married, ill at home and in the hospital, and those who grieve a loved one or celebrate a significant event.

Anti- racism/Social Justice Committee

Responsible for identifying ways to break down existing barriers to equity, diversity, and inclusion concerns.  It is also responsible for creating awareness campaigns against anti-Black racism and microaggressions in workplaces, schools, and community organizations.

Education and Professional development committee

Will advise on sound and proficient educational courses and programs that enhance members’ professional knowledge. The committee will organize formal and in-house workshops based on topics of interest identified by members